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"The creator of Amy Winehouse’s iconic beehive, clients including Kate Moss to Sienna Miller, collaborations with the late great Corinne Day: Tracey Cahoon was the queen of hair-raising in the 90s and early 00s. Fast forward to present day and she’s still working her creative magic, with her first salon ‘Cahoona’s Hair Hub‘, situated on the 6th floor of the vibrant Peckham Levels (a converted multi-storey carpark-turned artistic community).

Tracey took us behind the curtain of her mid-century modern salon (check out the dreamy 50s-style décor) for an exclusive HUNGER editorial with makeup artist Andrew Gallimore. “I love figuring out my clients Alter egos and with The Artists here sitting for the photographer this shines through,” she tells us. “For this shoot I wanted to introduce influential clients from Peckham and beyond; artists , actors, activists , film makers , site managers , psychoanalysis and their kids. The focus was to use wigs from my collection to enhance their look and make the shoot fun”

“Cahoona’s Hair Hub embraces everyone who walks through the curtain,” Tracey adds. “We create wonderful hair in a relaxed environment. It is anything but a conventional hair salon. It’s a charismatic, creative, colourful salon nestling itself perfectly alongside a well-being area, vibrant bars and wholesome healthy eating. Contemporaries that are all small businesses and artists studios aiming to make their mark within the ever-moving scene of Peckham.”

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Inside Cahoona’s, the New Hair Hub Housed in a Peckham Carpark


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"Cahoona’s Hair Hub is situated on the 6th floor of a Peckham car park, also home to Bold Tendencies and Frank’s Cafe. It forms part of the newly renovated Peckham Levels, a new community centre which boasts a marketplace, bars, street food and studios for local artists. Cahoona’s was founded by hairstylist Tracey Cahoon, who, with 20 years of session styling and art direction under her belt, has worked with photographers including David Bailey and Rankin. Notably, she was also responsible for creating Amy Winehouse’s iconic beehive.”